Candy Fetch is Yamhill-Carlton’s New Lead Secretary


Gwendalyn Sims, First year Journalism student

Let’s dive head first into the life of Yamhill-Carlton High School’s lead secretary. Candy Fetch is a loving mother and wife; she enjoys gardening, traveling, and going to school with her daughter, who is a student at YC.
Fetch has been married to her husband for 16 years, and she met her husband at the same school she is working at. Yamhill-Carlton High School holds a lot of memories for Fetch. She spent her upperclassman years, and she met her husband here. 
Fetch had a very different line of work before she working as the school secretary. She worked at a bank as an administrator. She says, “It’s a very different line of work here.”
Having a good relationship with her family is very important to Fetch. She loves working at the same school her daughter goes to. She says, “Sometimes during lunch I spot her in the hallway. It’s a really cool way for us to have a good close relationship, I think.”
Fetch loves holidays, especially Christmas. “Spending time with my family is super important to me.”
Fetch thinks being here at YC is one of the best things that’s happened to her. She enjoys the variety of the job. And being with students and around her daughter. She also loves school dress up days, like PJ day and wearing slippers.
Her day goes by so quickly, and she likes the speed of it and helping students, as well as teachers. She gets to spend more time with her daughter, help young students, and keep memories.