The YC Journal

2019-2020 Staff

Ashton T. Livingston


  As Editor-in-Chief, I hope to inspire this class and our readers to strive for the truth. I’ve been on this staff since my freshman year and have been writing reviews and news pieces. The pieces I do for my last yea...

Koby Haldorson

Entertainment Editor/writer

I am a Senior in high school. My hobbies include writing fictional stories, playing video games, drawing, and taking photographs. My favorite of those things I do, however, is writing fiction. I like being a part of the newspa...

Gage Landauer

Feature Editor, writer

My name’s Gage Landauer I am a senior at Yamhill Carlton high school. Interested in journalism because of the freedom it gives me to express myself. I enjoy science, reading, watching movies and tv shows, I collect dinosaurs a...

Nathan Crawford

Staff Reporter

Hello my name is Nathan Crawford. This is my junior year at Yamhill Carlton high school. It is my first year to be a part of the journalism staff. I’ve been attending here since my second semester of eighth grade. I have no...

Chase Schrepel

Staff Reporter

Howdy there, I'm Chase Schrepel, obviously a writer for YC Journal, I work in the journalism class because I love writing; however I’m not the best at it so I also wanted to improve my writing. My hobbies include video games,...

Claudia McAbee

Staff Reporter

My name is Claudia. This is my first year taking this class and I enjoy writing sports stories. Besides journalism, I am in leadership and play soccer and softball.

Lela McInnis

Staff Reporter

I am Lela McInnis, a junior, and I like shopping and make-up, and I absolutely love petting dogs and cows. Something I like about writing and is it gives a lot of freedom to express yourself.

Bradley Raymond

Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Bradley. I am a senior at YCHS and have been in the Yamhill-Carlton district my whole life. I tend to cover political issues and recent tragedies. I enjoy video games and sleeping (Usual teenager activities). I ...

LaVon Weigant

Staff Writer

I am currently a Junior. I was in journalism, on the newspaper staff my Freshman year, and joined again, as a reporter. I wanted to join journalism because I enjoy writing in a variety of forms, analytical, narrative, and occa...

Trent Erb

Staff Writer

My name is Trent Erb, and this is my junior year of high school at Yamhill-Carlton. I have been in this school district my entire life. This is my first year of journalism I have zero experience but hope to learn good writing ...

Lajla Raske

News Editor

My name is Lajla Raske and I am a Junior this year. This is my first year on the YC staff. I have one year of experience, prior to this year where I was an entertainment editor at another school. I joined journalism this year...

Joey Jones

Opinion Editor

I’m Joey Jones, a 1st-year Journalist and a 16-year-old senior here at Yamhill Carlton High School. I have no experience in journalism, but I enjoy writing and have a lot of personal experience writing essays in the Op-Ed/Political...

Amadi Hays-Latimore

Sports Editor

I’m a senior. I enjoy playing soccer and swimming as well as reading and playing video games. I joined journalism because I had taken the class before and enjoyed it. I also joined because I enjoy writing and interviewing people...

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