2018-2019 Staff

Gabrielle Chambers


Currently, I'm a senior at Yamhill Carlton High school. This is my third year as editor-in-chief.  In my free time I enjoy reading and writing. Hiking is also one of my other favorite hobbies along with drawing. Journalism is...

Nathaniel Burkhart

Copy Editor

My name is Nathaniel Burkhart, and I am a Sophomore. I enjoy clubs such as DND. I prefer British-English. My favorite subject right now is Theatre. I worship the all-powerful Krakatoa, God of the Flying Zappy Fish. I make cringy...

Ashton T. Livingston

Entertainment Editor/writer

  I'm a movie junkie and love talking about them. Chances are, an article I've written is a review of a movie or something related to a movie. This news site is something we've all been putting together for a long time....

Sydney Johnson

Opinion editor

My name is Sydney I'm a senior and I'm the opinion editor. I enjoy eating pizza and very short walks on the beach. I love sneakers, and my dog Rosie, my cat Pepper and my fish Larry King.

Seth Pyne

Staff Reporter

Heya, my names Seth Pyne and I work as a journalist for the YC paper in my sophomore year. Some of my hobbies I enjoy are video games, drawing, LARP, DND, memes and learning about certain historical periods. I look forward to writ...

Bradley Raymond

Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Bradley. I am a junior at YCHS and have been in the Yamhill-Carlton district my whole life. I tend to cover political issues and recent tragedies. I enjoy video games and sleeping (Usual teenager activities). I ...

Brendy Howard

Staff Reporter

My name is Brendyn Howard-Dodson, but you can call me Brendy. I am a sophomore here at the highschool. I enjoy long walks on the beach and cruising the streets on my board. I take insults pretty well because most jokes fly rig...

Amadi Hays-Latimore

Staff Reporter

I’m a junior. I enjoy playing soccer and swimming as well as reading and playing video games. I joined journalism because I had taken the class before and enjoyed it. I also joined because I enjoy writing and interviewing people...

Gage Landauer

Staff Reporter

My name’s Gage Landauer I am a junior at Yamhill Carlton high school. Interested in journalism because of the freedom it gives me to express myself. I enjoy science, reading, watching movies and tv shows, I collect dinosaurs a...

Koby Haldorson

Staff Reporter

I am a junior in high school. My hobbies include writing fictional stories, playing video games, drawing, and taking photographs. My favorite of those things I do, however, is writing fiction. I like being a part of the newspa...

Lilly Kind

News Editor

I'm a senior. In my free time I take tons of  dance classes at CVDA.