YCHS Newest Main Office Member


Bailey Reese, First Year Journalism Student

YCHS is a very small school, and everyone is welcomed. When there is a new member to the Tiger team, we give her a good Tiger greeting.

Maureen Cook is YCHS’s new lead secretary.

Among all the tasks that Cook does as lead secretary, one of the biggest is she pays the bills and keeps track of timesheets for staff members.

She used to work at Century High School in Hillsboro. She worked there for 18 years as a school nurse. She said, “All of my family is in Yamhill, so I wanted to come back home.”

Mindy Senn is the athletic/attendance secretary, and she has worked at YC for two years now. She wanted to work as a secretary so she could get the same time off as her kids. She and Cook work as a team to keep the school running.

“I love working with Ms. Cook; she’s great,” Senn said. “She’s a good worker.”

Cook wanted to be a secretary because she loves kids. She said, “Kids in general are the ones who inspired me to be a secretary.”

Cook has four children, all of them went to YC. She raised cows, horses and many more types of animals. As of right now Cook has one horse left –  Shasta who is 29 years old –  a Corgi named Whisky, and a cat named Debbie.

Cook plays piano and saxophone. She says, “Being a musician is a fun talent I think.” Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite drink is Diet Coke.

Cook is a perfect fit for YC; she is back home and has a job she loves.