The Venezuelan Overthrow

Toby Piller, Staff Reporter

           Venezuela is a country filled with beautiful landscapes. It has an abundance of rare animals, it is also the origin of many very flavorful foods. At first glance it looks peaceful, but corruption and war run rampant.

           Since 1999 Hugo Chavez has been president of Venezuela, his chosen successor as well as who shares power with him is named Nicolas Maduro. There have been several assassination attempts on both of these men since they have been in power.

           However each have failed, but some attempts came close. The Washington Post talks about one of the many assassination attempts, in the article “All the times Venezuela’s security forces have tried to overthrow Maduro, and Chavez.”

           In this article they talk about the incident “ a bizarre event in August 2018 in which two drones carrying explosives detonated near a platform where Maduro was giving a speech.” Quite a few other attempts at Maduro’s life have taken place some more complex than the others.

           Some of these attempts include capturing top police captains, and stealing mass amounts of weapons. As well as in May 2018 senior Venezuelan officers planned to overthrow Maduro in a plot called “Operation Constitution.”  

           They had also plotted to derail the presidential election on May 20th but it did not work. From a more political front, Juan Guaido has been rallying people and military members to defect, and then rebel against Maduro and Chavez.

           Guaido, according to the Washington Post, “is recognized as Venezuela’s interim president by more than 50 countries.” Along with support from main military units in the Venezuelan army, he has been encouraging revolts in attempt to seize power.

           The articleFrom Colombia, Venezuelan defectors arm themselves to ‘liberate’ their homeland,”  written by Helen Murphy, talks about how just “Eight men, who said they were defectors from Venezuelan, police, military and army intelligence services” will lead a revolt from the colombian border.

           These men have said they have around 150 armed men ready to storm the frontier of Venezuela. All in an attempt to give power to the opposition of Maduro, Guaido who will then lead.

           This same article which was published on May 28th, 2019, says it is unconfirmed if these men are being truthful about the number of people in their militia or not. Either way they are unhappy with the fact that Maduro is in power.  

           There has been a power struggle since 1999 when Maduro and Chavez were first elected. But it looks as though the fighting has reached an all time high. With dozens and dozens of citizens as well as military, police, and government officials defecting