Prom: The Classic School Function


Photo of the prom king & queen 1960

Lilly Kind, News Editor

Prom was a lot different in 1941; there was no huge dance with a theme and no big dresses. YC had an annual junior-senior banquet. The school newspaper Yamhill Ink Drop describes the banquet as a lowkey event. According to the Ink drop, “the menu for the evening consisted of baked ham, potatoes, peas, rolls and salad with french dressing. Following this course ice cream smothered in strawberries.” The junior and senior class road a bus together to see a movie in Forest Grove. After the movies they had a thirty-minute dance in the gym, everybody went home by midnight.

In 1956, the junior-senior banquet started to include a prom like the one we know today following the dinner. According to the 1956 Ink Drop they had “the choice of chicken fried steak, deep fried shrimp or Chinese food.” The menu also included seaweed salad to match the theme. The theme of prom that year was “South Sea Fantasy.” There were palm tree decorations and other sea themed decorations.

For YC’s 1960 prom, they ditched the junior-senior banquet and just had the dance. The article in the May 1960 issue of Ink Drop, they raved about the Hawaiian themed decor. “Palm trees, fishnets, and a beach sand centerpiece,” filled the room. They added junior-senior prom king and queen to prom festivities by 1960.

The 1983 prom was put together by the juniors, just like the recent proms. That year they sent out prom invitations to the seniors. The theme for 1983 was “Just Between You & Me,” and “the colors were pink, purple and lavender,” according to the revamped school newspaper Y-C Expression. They decorated a banquet room with purple and pink; they also had a swing and balloon bouquets to take pictures in front of.

On May 29th, 1993 YC’s prom theme was “Tonight’s the Night,” and decor was black and gold. “Prom ‘93… Was the best one yet!” according to the May edition of the YC-Expression.