Dome Update 1/29/2019

Lilly Kind, News editor

The new YC gym dome hasn’t been finished due to a lack of money. Things ended up being more expensive than they expected, that resulted in a stop of construction, according to superintendent Charan Cline. The school district took out a two million dollar loan so they could build as much as they have at this point. They are now relying on a piece of land to sell so they can pay off the loan and get more money to finish the gym.

The gym is expected to be done sometime next school year. For right now, Cline, says “[the school] is focusing on getting it able to use for P.E. classes and practices.”In the gym they installed a drop down curtin so more than one practice can happen at one time. Cline also said, “locker rooms and concession stand will not be able to get finished until the land sale goes through.” The locker rooms themselves are estimated to cost about 200,000 dollars per side.

As for estimated costs of features left to install in they gym: bleachers are estimated to cost 80,000 dollars, scoreboards will be about 15,000 dollars, a sound system will cost 50,000 dollars and the 70,000 dollar gym floor will cost an additional 70,000 dollars to lay down.