NHS Holds Second Blood Drive in One Year

Rian Perry and James McAnelly


With 37 donors, 10 being new to the experience the Red Cross acquired 27 pints of whole blood, and 3 power red units during National Honor Society’s second blood drive this year.


The March 6th blood drive was very successful according to NHS advisors, Spanish teacher Erin sunday and English teacher Rachel Henry. Although NHS sponsors the annual drive, it is run by the NHS officers. This year Jonathan McGhehey organized both drives with help from the other officers and NHS members.


First time donor Dylan McInnis said ”getting my blood drawn wasn’t that bad. I was only slightly tired at first then I felt fine. My stomach was slightly turned  then it went away.” McInnis said he gave blood in order to help other people. “Well, it just sits there anyway, so I decided to give it away to help other people.”


When he was asked how he prepared to donate blood, his response was, “I just walked in and said I wanted to donate blood. It’s not that hard to donate. You just have to be (older than) sixteen.”


Sophomore Anna Beven was asked the same questions. Her responses were very similar to McInnis’s. To prepare, Beven drank some water. She felt fine after getting her blood drawn, other than the fact that she would get light headed going up stairs.


Erin Sunday was apart of the group putting on the blood drive. She felt very proud that the students were interested enough to put on a second blood drive. They might even consider doing a third, but it’s a lot of work and people may not be interested in doing another one this year.