Track review of “Cosmic Freeway” by Yeek. (warning song contains explicit language)


Ian Harlow, Entertainment Editor

“Cosmic Freeway” is the outro to Yeek’s 2017 album “Sebastian”. This song captures the feeling of a second wind almost. This is a story of heartbreak and revival after a separation. The simple organ sounding keys Yeek chose to use for the main melody of the track set a mood of reflecting. This paired with the slow but effective percussion paired with Yeek’s harmonizing over the top is an emotional rollercoaster that takes the listener on a journey. This is a song you listen to loud in the car while driving at night. Yeek speaks on his past relationship and it having put him in a state of confusion, spending so much time on that one person that he doesn’t know what to do with himself or what his purpose is anymore. “But I still don’t know what my purpose is here, I know enough to know that what I think I know ain’t clear.” The track seems like it is about to come to an end but a beat switch happens. No drums just some pretty chords backed with strange electronic noises, and a surprise feature from Max of homestead pops up. Max is not there to sing on the track at all but he delivers a beautiful poem. After this Yeek comes in one more time to sing “sometimes I try to be a normal boy that you want me to be, but I’m sorry baby I can’t cause I’m an alien boy, I’m an alien boy.” This to me is a perfect way to end this album, if you are a fan of any alternative 90’s experimental rock I would definitely give “Sebastian” a listen.