Tiger Talk


Gwendalyn Sims , staff writer

Question: If a young child asked you if Santa Claus was read, how would you respond?

Axe Brattain: Senior
“I’d say no. Like obviously, it’s good to give them like a miracle in your head type thing. But eventually they’re gonna learn. If they’re already hearing stuff about it, then you might as well tell them the truth. Also, I don’t want to have to worry about lying about that for like 12 years.”

Hunter McAvoy: Junior
“I would tell them, I’m sorry to say, but he’s not real. It is a myth.”

Hailey Rossback: Sophomore
“Yes. Just Yes. I’d be like, yeah, it’s real. Don’t want to ruin the dream.”

Madison Jennings: Freshman
“I would say yes, because I don’t want to crush their dreams.”

Barbie Woods: Staff member
“I would say yes, Santa Claus is real and I would really play into it.”