Why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

Jaida Lee, First Year Journalism Student

It has been long debated since the movie “Die Hard“ came out in 1988 whether or not it was a Christmas movie. If you haven’t watched “Die Hard” it is about a police officer, John Mclane, coming to visit his wife and daughters for Christmas. He is going to meet his wife at her holiday office Christmas party when the office gets attacked by a group of terrorists and he’s the only one to save the hostages.

As of 2016 more people watched “Die Hard” on DISH Network over traditional Christmas movies like “Home Alone” and “Elf.” To further persuade your opinion, there are five main arguments that support “Die Hard” being a Christmas movie.

First of all, the movie takes place at an office Christmas party. Compared to other movies that are considered classic Christmas movies, it also has more holiday details. A good comparison is the sound of music because it is considered a Christmas movie and the songs are always on Christmas playlists, yet it never mentions Christmas in the actual movie. 

Yes, “Die Hards” whole plot isn’t based on the fact that it is Christmas; but it still has so many things incorporated that make it Christmas-themed.

Secondly, there’s snow in “Die Hard” , at the end of the movie. Yes, it snows a lot in different places, however, “Die Hard” takes place in L.A. which rarely ever gets snow, yet it still snows at the end of the movie.

Third, is that Christmas music gets played throughout the film. In what normal action movie would they casually play Christmas music? Even John McLane is singing Christmas music at the beginning of the movie.

One of my final points is that John McLane’s wife’s name is Holly. I think they named her that as a way to sneak in more Christmas aspects.

Finally, the writer of “Die Hard” has admitted that it is a Christmas movie. To further show his point he compared “Die Hard” to the movie “White Christmas”. “White Christmas”  is only based around Christmas at the end of the movie while “Die Hard” is based during an office Christmas party the whole time, not to mention that “Die Hard 2” is also a Christmas movie.

Trevor daSilva, the manufacturing teacher at YC, loves the movie “Die Hard.” He made similar points, saying that there are presents, a Santa Claus reference, and it’s based on an office Christmas party. He not only made those points but made the point about the love story between John Mclane and Holly being part of the Christmas cheer in the movie. “How could you not think “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie”, daSilva stated at the end of the interview.

With the Christmas aspects and the writer even admitting that the movie is a Christmas movie, how is it possible to think it’s not?