Double Singles: “There Will Be Blood” by Kim Petras

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Joey Jones, Opinion Editor

Kim Petras is new to me, but I don’t think I’ll be forgetting her, and especially this song, anytime soon.

There Will Be Blood reminded me of a time when I really enjoyed pop music and hits a certain intersection of nostalgia and independent worth that created one of the most electrifying pop experiences in years. “There Will Be Blood” features strong an extremely strong vocal performance as well as a verse/melody structure reminiscent of The Fame Monster-era Lady Gaga. Like pop music of the early 2010s, it’s an inherently memorable and catchy song that just made an impression upon me as soon as I heard it.

The lyrics add additional charm to the package. The first verse reads “In the club, I can’t save you now/Ain’t nobody can hear you shout/When I’m pulling you underground (There will be—)/Take a sip from the Devil’s cup/Just a taste, you won’t get enough/Seal your fate when you swallow up (There will be—)”. Her second album of the year, Turn Off the Light, is horror-themed, and as a lead single these lyrics support that basic premise. It takes the scene of a chance meeting a club, something that’s standard pop fare, and spices it up with macabre imagery.

The chorus is the same way. “There will be blood, run for your life/Go on and say, go on and say your last goodbye/There will be blood, you’re gonna die/You’ll never make it, never make it through the night”. The commitment to Halloween theming is an enjoyable lyrical conceit and enhances the song

But above the strength of the vocals and songwriting, there’s the power-pop instrumental blasting behind her that really ties the song together and elevates it to the upper echelon of 2019 pop songs. It builds tension for a few seconds in the intro before exploding into thumping bass and low synths, pushing against the listener with a real show of force.

I think this is something that’s been lost in the last few years. From 2011 to about 2015, there was a huge influx of EDM or EDM-inspired songs into mainstream pop. It seems that as a reaction to this, as well as the encroachment of trap-rap into the Hot 100, pop artists started making more low-key, dreary, and structurally uniform music. Most huge pop songs since about 2016 have been like this, laden with snap beats and mellow chorus drops.

“There Will Be Blood” does not follow this trend whatsoever. It embodies the ethos of pop music in the early 2010s, a fitting tribute with the decade nearly out.

I’d very easily and happily have to give “There Will Be Blood” a 10/10, for just firing on all cylinders and never disappointing.

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