SP00K 2: Return of the Halloween Spirit


image courtesy of Halloween 2 poster

Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

Viewer beware, you’re in for a scare for it is the return of October. October is admittedly one of my favorite months out of the year for it is the spookiest time of the year. This means candy corn, candy, chocolate, diabetes and scary movies. Everyone has memories associated to Holiday films like Santa Clause or Elf but how about some scary movies this year.

Why not start off your Halloween with a classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween. The iconic theme that has snuck its way into everyone’s brain this time of year. The film is full of tense moments made cheesy by the films unbelievably low budget. The film has moments where you’d expect a giant spurs of blood there is none. Scenes with blood are obviously pushed around by the actor or actress. Some of the child actors aren’t that great but that’s about it in regards to the bad of the film. It’s a cult classic horror flick! What more is there to love!

One, Two Freddy’s coming’ for you, three four I know there’s more. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a cinematic classic. The film uses special effects and horrific imagery to its advantage in this film where a child predator, who was murdered by angry parents, comes back to kill their children in their dreams. A simple premise but done so well. The casting is great and has formed an entire generation of horror standards. Character design is amazing in this film. Somehow this film made a stupid red and green striped sweater scary due to its association with this horrifying character. Freddy Krueger is a horror icon known to anyone who sees him.

      Another John Carpenter flick on this list, The Thing is a piece of special effects mastery. John Carpenter knows how to make an effective horror movie and scare his audience. This film bombed at the box office due to it coming out the same week as E.T. And everyone knows how big that movie was. The Thing now has its place as one of the best sci-fi/horror films out there. The film mixes grotesque special effects with nightmarish visuals of bodies morphing in a way they shouldn’t. The film is spectacular and I’m so deeply in love with it. The film has my horror flick heart.

         When a demonic clown suit attaches itself to a loving father it takes control and turns him into a demon clown. All this and more in the movie Clown. The film is more recent and takes a dumb premise but makes it work. The film involves a lot of body horror and cheesy elements. The film gets you to feel for its main character before his descent into disgusting clown horror. The films special effects are amazing and involve various practical elements, and I’m all over that. The film is creepy and has a great cast and story. What more can I say!

          I know I’ve brought up a lot of John Carpenter films but the guy deserves the praise, he’s a master of horror. In The Mouth Of Madness is a film about the descent of madness into one’s writing. The film includes creepy visuals, amazing special effects, a great story, a good mystery, and great actors. The film is a great tale of suspense and I’m a huge fan of it. John Carpenter is amazing at creating these weird and out there tales and I want to see more and more.

I’m really sorry I keep bringing up John Carpenter but all of his movies are really,really good; and this one is no exception at all. Christine is a John Carpenter adaptation of a Stephen King book, and I couldn’t have picked a better director to helm this masterpiece. A nerd, bullies, and one killer car….all perfect elements for a great movie. The special effects are amazing, as they should be in a John Carpenter film, and this leads to possibly the scariest car in cinema. All of these great Stephen King elements directed by a horror master.

          Halloween is one of the best times of the year and movies definitely influence that time of year. The Halloween spirit is something we keep year round. Whether you can tell or not there’s always that urge to carve a pumpkin or watch a scary movie. Make those special memories with film, the memories will make you smile and bring you back to good times. Movies I believe are a part of our memories, we all remember the first time watching a movie that terrified us as a kid. Never forget those memories, ever.