A group of acquainted student doctors grow closer due to a dramatic shift in an experiment


Lela McInnis, Staff reporter

The 2017 Flatliners follows the journey of five student doctors as they help each other play with death. Four of the five flatline or temporarily die to witness the afterlife. The five involved in the flatlining was, Ellen Page (Courtney), James Norton (Jamie), Kiersey Clemons (Sofia), Nina Dobrev (Marlo) and Diego Luna (Ray).

The main character, Courtney was obsessed with the scientific study of the afterlife, after her sister passed. She asked two of her colleagues to meet her in the bottom,of the hospital they work at. They agreed to it not knowing what they were getting themselves into.

Courtney asked them to temporarily stop her heart and then bring her back.Two other student doctors were wrapped into flatlining  Three of the others decided they wanted to go as well.

When these doctors flatlined they saw things from their pasts that the felt guilty for. They were haunted by these “sins” that they needed to find forgiveness for before it was to late.

I thought it was an intriguing movie, a few of the scene I felt were unnecessary. If you are into the afterlife then this movie is for you.