Heathers- A Movie Review

Heathers- A Movie Review

Kierah Kavicky, Feature Editor

Heathers is a dark comedy that shows just how far a girl will go when she has got a crush on a violent, mysterious boy.  The movie features Winona Ryder (Veronica Sawyer), Christian Slater (Jason Dean or J.D.), Shannen Doherty (Heather Duke), Lisanne Falk (Heather McNamara), and Kim Walker (Heather Chandler).

The story begins with an introduction to their group, which is all three Heathers and Veronica. Heather Chandler is very obviously the leader and spends her free time bullying others. After a party gone wrong Veronica feels the need to make a drink for Chandler that will make her throw up. J.D goes with her, but has a different and dark idea of what to do. This leads to her death and they stage it as a suicide. The movie continues with them killing more people and suicide becoming more popular.

While the movie is completely fiction and is not at all true, there are underlying themes that are important in real life. Due to them killing so many and staging them as suicides, one of the less popular kids actually attempts suicide. This sparks the conversation about how much influence popular groups have. The young girl thought that in order to be liked and no longer bullied, suicide was the answer. This message is important to real life as it shows that bullying and popularity does affect the lives of many students.

Although the story is supposed to be entertaining, it is a dark way of providing important messages. Veronica at one point stages her own suicide and her mother finds her, sending her into a frenzy and she says humorous things. This can be taken as the mother’s reaction being very comedic, but suicide is not at all comedic.

While I enjoyed this movie, it did have some aspects that I thought were inappropriate. I recommend this movie to those who are into dark humor.