Big Animals, The Rock; You Know, The Usual


Drew Hinton & James McAnelly

After the pre-movie credits, the viewer is met with what one can only assume is space. It appears to be the movie’s version of the U.S. space station. Then the camera moves to show the inside of the station and things do not look well.

It appears the innards have been ravaged and unrecognizable from what it may have looked like before. Then the camera is met with the recognizable figure of a human, a scientist who appears to be in distress. Later we come to realize that a giant rat creature has killed the entire crew and only this woman survives.

While the rat can be heard lumbering throughout the station the scientist has been tasked with securing the chemical that made the monstrous rat. If she does not comply she will not be allowed access to the escape pods. Already the main antagonists have been introduced, taking the name Energyn.

After securing the huge vials of this green gas the scientist makes it to the escape pod, however, the rat is alerted of her presence by the sound of the escape pod door closing with the scientist inside.

That was just the introduction scene to Brad Peyton’s newest movie “Rampage”. A fictional action packed movie, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Giant mutant animals, amazing humor, and lots of sarcasm, The Rock, everything you need to make the perfect movie. There were plenty of fight scenes and even more comedy. There was even some serious scenes.

The movie had amazing cinematics and the CGI wasn’t bad either. The movie pretty much nailed how it represented the old game. The movie was all around pretty fun. The Rock made it even better with his improved moments. Dwayne Johnson always adds in his own parts that generally make it better. The acting was much better than what people were expecting.