Insidious: The Final Key


Courtesy of Universal Studios

Rian Perry, Entertainment Writer

“Insidious” is back with more thrilling chills to send down your spine. On January 4th, 2018, Universal Pictures released the 4th and last movie of the series..well as far as we know. Adam Robitel (Director) says he loves a good haunted house movie. As of February 2018, the film grossed about $67.3 million in the US and Canada. Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier (played in all four films), Angus Sampson as Tucker, (also in all 4 films), and Leigh Whannell as Specs. The cast loved the film, always excited to see what Robitel comes up with next. Although they are sad to see their characters come to their final journey. Shaye says that this movie was a great finale and an excellent way to end the story.

Short run down of the film, Elise receives a phone call from a man living in her childhood home, explaining his house is haunted by something very evil. Elise agrees to helping him and his family dispose of the demonic soul. She travels to Five Keys to confront and destroy her greatest fear- the demon she mistakenly set free so many years ago. Elise faces many challenges during her journey to destroy the entity.


The special makeup effects of Insidious was an amazing aspect of filming. Ozzy Alvarez did a wonderful job with the cast and really putting the “act” in characters. Key Face, in particular, really shows the beautiful and amazing work Alvarez puts into the movies. With the blood, the keys, the graphic demons. Along with his co-workers Erik Porn, Ken Neiderbaumer, Abby Lyle, and Head of the makeup department, Carleigh Herbert. Costume design was another amazing part of the film. Costume designer, Lisa Norcia says she wanted to really bring out the characters and their story, and a person’s style really defines who they are. The costumes were very outgoing and expressive of the cast and their roles.