Eragon Review


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Brendyn Howard, News reporter

What would you do if everything you believe in was in danger? What if you just started believing in it? Is it worth it? In the story, Eragon, our hero faces all these questions in an adventure that teaches him that the choices we make can be for the better or worse. In the start of this tale the main character, Eragon, is hunting in the magical mountain range know to his people as “the Spine,” when suddenly a blinding light comes out of nowhere. The only thing that was left behind was a sapphire gem.

Some time goes by before Eragon realizes that the gem is not a gem at all, but an egg containing one of the most magical, mysterious creatures known to the world, a dragon. Unfortunately the great beast brings suffering as the empire looks for it, in the process kills Eragon’s uncle, the only parent he has ever had. Eragon leaves his life behind to avenge his family with the town’s story teller, Brom. Spontaneous events keep the page turning as Brom, Eragon and Sapphira travel across the mighty landscape, most of which left me on the edge of my seat. I should warn you though this is only one book out of a series so if you do pick it up, prepare to get hooked.

The story passes by like you are a part of the adventure, the silent person no one acknowledges. Each conversation shows more and more character development for Eragon and Saphira, Eragon more even though Saphira is far younger than Eragon. But you can see the most impact on both the characters after Their best-friend’s death, this death follows them through entire story. My only concern about the story is that the friends death was very rushed to me, other than that the Author, Christopher Paolini, certainly did a amazing job in this story. I could go on and on about how well he did like how every event flows naturally, how you never what is going to happen next well unless they mention it beforehand, Eragon’s adolescent mind, all these factors plus more.

Although a lot of time in the story is passed by with simple sentences it somehow keeps its hold on the reader. You can imagine many long hours traveling that happened in between point A and B, besides the specifics the narrator points out. In conclusion Eragon has its great parts and its rather dull parts but they come together to make something wonderful.