DARK Review


Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

From the eery opening to twisting and turning storyline, DARK is a new masterpiece of television. DARK is a new Netflix original series that was created and filmed in Germany. The show, for English speaking audiences at least, is dubbed over in English. The dubbing actors do a pretty decent job, but acting aside you’re really there for is the storyline and characters.

The show currently is being compared to Stranger Things. I think this comparison is invalid. The show has several differences in theme, mood, and characters. The plot at first may have the similarity of a missing child and big bad government but it goes much deeper than that. The ideas proposed in this show are deeply complex and philosophical, often questioning the purpose of time and the universe itself. Showing a much larger maturity than Stranger Things.

Without getting too into the plot aside from the fact it includes time travel and lots of complex ideas. The show though is entertaining all the way through. The first season has a lot of set up for a season two which is yet to be officially announced by Netflix. The show, once you finish its excellently crafted 10 episodes, is in need of a second season.

DARK is one of those shows that only come around every now and then.  The culmination of drama, Sci-Fi and mystery blended in a masterpiece of a story. This show deserves all the praise its receiving and more. I highly recommend DARK. DARK is rated TV-MA for nudity, themes, language, and drug use.