The Law of Attraction

Alysha Dobash, Social Media Promoter

Since forever, people have complained about stress, failure to reach their goals, and the never ending spiral of discontent with their lives but doing absolutely nothing about it.

Although this amount of negativity is extremely interesting and adds a multitude of depth and mystery to the lives of people everywhere, happiness is better.

The Law of Attraction is the ideology that by thinking positive or negative thoughts, it brings positive or negative experiences into people’s lives. To most, this seems like a far fetched idea but it makes sense.The Law of attraction first appeared in writing in 1877. This idea was taught throughout the New Thought Movement which came in 1902 from the teachings of Phineas Quimby.

No, this doesn’t mean that people can control specific things with their minds, or move objects by telepathy. The foundation of The Law of Attraction is this: when you think about one thing, you will start to subconsciously change habits or routines to work towards that thing or create that thing for yourself.

The Law of Attraction can affect many areas of a person’s’ life including health, financial, relationships, and ambitions.

It is common belief that positive thoughts of wellness will lead to a healthy lifestyle or even cure illness. It is said that if a person suffering from an illness is positive about the outcome the outcome will be positive. The goes hand in hand with financial aspects of a person’s life, relationships, and ambitions.

If a person thinks positive thoughts about prosperity, they will prosper financially, if a person focuses on the good in a person, they will experience more of the good, if a person visualizes what he wish to achieve in clear detail, they will achieve that goal.

As young people, we can use the law of attraction for the simplest things like fulfilling the desire to do well on finals, passing your classes or getting the job you’ve always wanted.

The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful and a vital tool to meet or exceed wellness, financial and relationship goals.