April 1st Yamhill-Carlton High School


Gwendalyn Sims, staff writer

On April 1st Yamhill-Carlton’s Sophomore English class got together on a plan to prank their teacher.
April 1st commonly known as April Fools’ Day is a western tradition consisting of a day where people play tricks on each other. It varies from small harmless pranks to crazy big pranks.
According to Brandon

Advanced English class in YC library ( Provided by: Journalism student )

in the article, “April Fools Day: How Did it Start and Why is it April First.” Reader’s Digest. https://www.rd.com/article/origin-of-april-fools-day/
Says that April Fools day’s origin is unknown, and presents the idea that April 1st in itself is a prank.
Some rumors have circulated, saying April Fools’ Day was a mistake, that over centuries an unknown holiday became a tradininal prank where pranks were acceptable.
The Advanced English 10 class decided to take this holiday one step further.The week before, one of the students in the class sent out an email to the classmates that read, ¨Does everyone agree that we are going to meet in the library rather than Opitz class, as an April fools day prank?¨
English teacher Matt Opitz was in for a big surprise. Soon word spread through the school about the prank and seemingly everyone knew… everyone except Opitz.
The day before the prank the Adv English class went and talked to the office to make sure that everyone wouldn’t be marked tardy. Soon after the office was hooked, and the school was ready for the prank.
Finally the day was here and the school was murmuring with rumors. First period passed by and finally it was time.Students in the English class were excited but also nervous about what would happen to them when they had to return to class.
No one showed up to second period Advanced English. Instead they all met in the library to read like they would do at the beginning of class anyways. Everyone was there… everyone but Isabella McMullen. McMullen forgot about the plan, and showed up alone in Opitz classroom
She sat there alone and terrified, soon after she returned to her peers in the library. Five minutes passed, then 10.  Attendance Secretary Mindy Senn, who was in on the prank, walked into the Library declaring that she was going to go to Opitz class to see what he was doing.
Two minutes passed, when Senn returned the whole class went silent to hear what she had to say. Faith Carney says, “We were all terrified.”
Senn then said to the class, “He is adding a final question tally mark to the board every minute you guys are gone.”
Everyone terrified ran up to Opitz classroom as soon as they could. When the class entered the room Opitz looked like a disappointed dad. By the time they sat down, we had 10 tally marks on the board. The class was terrified that is two weeks of final questions they were being given.
Opitz gave them a chance to redeem themselves, this was their speech unit. He then proceeded to choose a sophomore to talk in front of the class for 1 minute without filler words. The conditions were if he could talk without fillers for one minute the class would get all the tallys taken down, but if he failed they got 5 more.
Student Vick Kelly was unable to talk without fillers, so the class now had 15 tallies. Opitz decided to be nice and give them one more chance with the same conditions. But again that speaker failed so the class now had 20 tally marks.
The last chance was a question the whole class got a chance to answer.. If they could. The question was from “Monty Python: The Search For the Holy Grail.” 

Opitz asked, “What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
Gwendalyn Sims knew this movie like it was a religion and she blurted out, “What do you mean? An African or European swallow?” That being the correct answer, Opitz took down all the tally marks they had gotten that day.
The Monday following April Fools’ Day, Opitz congratulated his class on the prank, he said, “It was a very good prank.”