2019-2020 Presidential Campaigning Season


Photo By: Aaron Kittredge

Amadi Elijah Hays-Latimore, Sports Editor


With the presidential election coming up in 2020 the possible candidates are gearing up for an intense campaigning season as they are trying to trounce current President Donald Trump. 

One Democratic candidate in particular is bringing a fairly new circumstance to the election. Pete Buttigieg is the second openly gay man to run for president, and unlike the former campaigner, Fred Karger, Buttigieg has decent projections for his run.

While all the runner ups are busy trying to get a foothold in the campaigning season, Trump is trying to uncover things about his political rivals that could help him win the election again. According to US envoy Bill Taylor, Trump coerced Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in an attempt to discover any sort of scandal that could help him eliminate Biden from the race.

Biden is Trump’s number one rival having already had political success as former President Barack Obama’s Vice President. He served for six year as VP and also served for 36 years as a representative for Delaware in the senate. 

Senior Julie Easton had something to say about Trump. She disclosed that she was not a fan of Trump but also thought that he had some good ideas. Easton stated, “I don’t think Trump is a horrible person but he has had too many scandals during his presidency to be allowed to continue being president.”

Senior Dylan McInnis shares some of Easton’s views but disagrees on Trump not winning the second term. He stated, “I believe that if Trump is impeached or loses the election then it will cause more problems than it will solve.” McInnis believes that the transition to a new president could cause civil unrest and would ultimately damage the country too much possibly even leading to war.