YC’s Homecoming Dance 2k18


(Left to right) Julie Easton, Claudia Mcabee, Madison Dreger posing for a photo.

Amadi Hays-Latimore , Sports Editor


The 2018 homecoming dance was a hit! Not only did the speakers work this year but there was also a good playlist. While the week before was fairly hectic, the leadership team really pulled it together to set up the best dance since I’ve been in school.

When asked whether the playlist would be any good this year senior Ainsley Zook stated, “of course it’s gonna be good, I made it.” While at the time I laughed about this, she really did follow through.

The playlist had songs from a bunch of different generations. There were classics like “Footloose” and “Twist and Shout” songs from the 2000’s like “Get Low”, and new songs from this year such as “I Love It.” This created an interesting dancing environment because there were so many different dancing styles. While yes you could Dougie to Footloose it would look pretty weird to anybody who knows the original dance to the song.

Junior Wesley Brewer really enjoyed the dance. Brewer stated that he liked the music later on in the dance more. “The music got better as the dance progressed because the songs were older.” While Brewer didn’t particularly like the newer music, he still had fun and danced the whole time. At one point his brother Luke Brewer even went and started dancing with him making a cool scene of sibling bonding.

There were lots of slow songs playing at the dance which was good because there seemed to be an abundance of couples this year. Even the freshman had dates. In previous years most people at the dances were single and everyone just danced in big groups.

While there certainly wasn’t a line leading out the door there was a fairly large amount of students who showed up. There was a total of 192 students who went to the dance. It was in general really was enjoyable and was a nice end to the homecoming week festivities.