Construction update September 27th

Lilly Kind, News Editor

YC’s two domes have been under construction for what feels like forever. But when will they finally open?

The CTE dome was set to open today, but now, if everything goes well, will open on Monday. Project superintendent, Danny Stryffeler, said the only thing keeping students and staff out of the building is final inspections still need to be done. They have completed final electric, fire alarm, plumbing, and mechanical inspections. They now have to get a final inspection from the county and they then can get a certificate of occupancy.

But what about the gym? Due to a lack of funding, construction on the gym has slowed down. Stryffeler said, “There are elements that won’t be completed, like the gym floor and the ceiling grid may not be in. There’s a whole bunch of different little parts and pieces in order to make it fit within the current budget.” The dome will be completed as quickly as possible when funding is available.

Stryffeler also brought up the current construction boom, and how everyone wants some kind of construction done and they want it now. This construction boom has been making things more expensive because according to Stryffeler, companies don’t feel the need to lower prices on materials.