Teens Spreading Their Creativity Through Online Stores


Gretchen Sims

An example of the things kids have been making throughout the pandemic.

Onyx Barnhill, Staff Writer

With the global lockdown happening recently teens have been spending quite a large amount of time indoors and stuck in their rooms and homes with not much to do. Just themselves and their creativity. So with all of this  time on their hands and the creative city locked away in their minds most teens have started making money creating online shops. These teens use the common knowledge they have about these sights and make small online shops where they can sell things they like to make or do in their spare time. 

A lot of teens’ motivation to do things comes from these small shops made out of hobbies. “I’ve always been creative so it’s easy to express through making jewelry. Something someone can physically wear. It’s like passion” Gretchenn Sims, a senior at YC, said. Teens are using these stores and making money off of the things they love doing. It’s both productive, giving them work experience and making money. 

A common denominator in all of these teens starting business’ was that lockdown and quarantine was a big part of what pushed them to explore and get creative. To learn about things they like and do them in fun ways.

“ It is still so important to show others love and kindness no matter what and I really wanted to share this message so I just started selling them. I think the pandemic helped me in this because most people were already used to doing a lot of online things so it helped me reach others more.” Lajla Raske, a YC journalism editor said. This statement contributes to the idea that teens are still trying to find ways to be productive and spread the way they feel online, and recently that has been through these stores.

Starting these online shops teens put a lot of their creativity into the things they love. “Do whatever you please, don’t do it for the money, don’t do it because other people say you should find something you feel confident in and that you feel like putting up for show.” Sims said. Starting an online business takes focus on the things you’re interested in and want to put your time into. Share the things you love and want to spread with others.