What Does Safety Look Like on Halloween?


LaVon Weigant, Staff writer


Halloween is a holiday when safety can be overlooked sometimes. However, safety on Halloween is important. 

Trick-or-treating has become a big tradition on Halloween, especially with younger kids. Halloween is a fun time for people of all ages to dress up in fun costumes and hang out with friends and family. Trick-or-treating Origins from History explains how trick-or-treating has been a tradition in the United States for over a century, and traces of the holiday itself go all the way back to ancient Celtic festivals.

Safety is an important thing to keep in mind on the night of Halloween. This is especially important with younger kids.

With people walking around in the dark with whatever kind of costume they have on, it’s also important for drivers to be cautious. Halloween Safety Tips from Safe Kids Worldwide gives a few examples of how kids can stay safe on Halloween; crossing streets at corners, making eye contact with drivers before crossing the street, staying off electronics while walking, etc.

As far as safety goes, Lisa Jacobs, a teacher, and parent at Yamhill-Carlton Intermediate School said, “I believe that communities are well informed, and provide safe environments.”

Jacobs says that growing up, and now with her kids, she has always ensured that they stay in groups because safety is a top priority. 

Jacobs and her kids have never struggled with any issues during Halloween. She said, “Surprisingly, we have not had any issues. You’d think to be a teacher in the community, the house would get egged or something.”

Her family has also never experienced any kind of injuries throughout the holiday of Halloween. 

So, even though safety is a precaution to take on the night of Halloween, there typically aren’t a lot of major issues with the holiday. Especially in the smaller communities, and neighborhoods.