New District Office Communications Specialist


James McAnelly, Reporter

Yamhill Carlton High School have a new district office communications specialist. Her name is Shaunna Kaufmann and she is skilled in marketing and advertising. So what does a Communications Specialist do? A communications officer sets up ways for parents to communicate with teachers. These will be accomplished by setting up social media for the school. Kaufmann will also be redesigning the district website.

She originally applied for lead secretary in the main office at the elementary school. The person who originally had her position, got the position that Kaufmann applied for at the intermediate school.She applied for this job because it is along the same line of what she has been doing for ten years. She applied for something in this town because her husband was born and raised here in yamhill.

Kaufmann will be doing something called YC Achieves. The slogan for this is, “small schools, big achievements.” This is basically a program that helps YC graduates get into more successful careers. Another thing that she wants to do is to change the public opinion of YC. ‘“It’s only YC”. A phrase I ran across during my first week upon being employed at the District Office of YC as their first Communications Specialist.”’ This is something Kaufmann had wanted to address. She will do this by transmitting record breaking accomplishments and furthermore change that expired stigma.