A “Super Crazy” Guitar Hero


Nathaniel Burkhart, Copy Editor

The side-scrolling guitar game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe is not very well-known, but it is definitely fun for some people. With four games in the series, and close to 50 songs, this game has side-scrolled its notes into music-lovers’ hearts across the gaming community.

This game series begins with the beginning of the quartet, which is pretty simple. It only has 2 songs and 2 modes. The songs, labeled as “easy” and “hard” respectively, are both automatically unlocked. They each have 2 modes; “Amature” and “Professional.” The game itself doesn’t have good graphics or coloring, but the music is fine, and there isn’t any lag. Another interesting feature is the shrinking hitbox. As you get a combo, the hitbox shrinks, giving you a higher multiplier. If you botch one note, it reverts back to normal. The game has 1 lane for notes. The controls are left and right arrow, up and down arrow, and the A, S, and D keys. The letters are holdnotes, which you hold for more points.

Next, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2. The second in the series, it added an extra lane and more songs. However, the shrinking hitbox was gone. There were better graphics, but the controls were still the same. The coloring was still pretty bad. The songs were pretty good, however. This game was pretty much just a different version of the first game, as not all that much changed. But the next game would bring an onslaught of new features to the series.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 had great graphics and exceptional coloring. It had unlockable guitars, a nice selection of games, and customizable hold note controls. You could either choose 1234 or ASDF. The songs were all achievable, but they certainly were difficult. There were 4 lanes, a separate lane for each arrow key and hold note. However, the hitbox does not show where you hit the key. This makes it hard to pull off sections that spam a certain arrow key because you don’t know whether to speed up or slow down unless you miss a note. Speaking of missing notes, if you mess up on a note, the music gets quiet, as if you were listening to a radio and someone changed the tone. There is no separate mode.

Finally, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 is the latest in the series. The big improvement for this addition to the series was quite unexpected; bosses. After a couple of songs completed, one of them-a pizza guy-appeared, taking a certain number of hit notes to be defeated. It also featured a pro mode, where they added more notes to the song; achievements, which you could view at the achievement tree; unlockable guitars, which could come from bosses or the achievement tree; and secret songs, which came from the achievement tree guitars. The controls haven’t changed, but the difficulty level has. The songs are more attainable now, with the harder versions reserved for pro mode. Finally, the notes now show you where you hit them in the hitbox, and the song volume doesn’t change in the event of a miss. Other than that, it is still the same game as Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3.


Here are some honorable mentions for the latest game (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4)


  1. Battle Song Loop – Goukisan
  2. Stormfield – TKJN
  3. Time Wasters – Verax
  4. Swear By The Hilt – SW
  5. I Just Wanna Burn – Verax
  6. Tired Old Man – Sister Axe
  7. Presumed Dead – Evil-Dog



  1. Pizza Guy – Special Ability: Sass
  2. Purple Devil – Special Ability: Illusion Notes
  3. The Brothers – Special Abilities: 1) Flip the notes 2) Change Shape of the notes and 3) BOTH AT THE SAME TIME



  1. The Brothers’ Guitar – cool effects + nice note background
  2. The ICONIC 4 guitar! – Very ICONIC
  3. The Anchor – nice note background
  4. The Eye – IT SEES AAAALLLLLL!!! (Except everything behind it, so you should be fine.)