Changing Tradition for Homecoming


Gregory Neuman

2017 homecoming court poses for a picture.

Kierah Kavicky and Lilly Kind, Feature Editor and News Editor

As the month of October nears it’s close, so does the homecoming mood. Filled with ups and downs, Homecoming was run much differently. Many students noticed more spirit and the senior class, as always, brought entertainment. From stink bombs to tug-of-wars, homecoming didn’t disappoint.

Morgan DeHaven, the assistant activities director, worked with her team to make homecoming the best it could be. This year they focused on decorations more than in past years, especially with hall decorations and a place to take a picture for the dress-up week. The percentage of people that dressed up this year was higher than past years. When it came to the homecoming court, there were a couple issues. With regard to the court having to ride with the police and fire department DeHaven said, “Last year a student scratched one of the Corvettes, and so we could not get the Corvette club to come and do that for us.” The dance itself had many mixed opinions from students, and she was well aware of that. She attributed it to the music and the technical difficulties.

Although these were negative experiences, she says that this is a starting point to better homecomings. The team knows what went wrong and that dances should be run smoother from here on out. For future dances the music will still be student based, but with more attention and placing. Overall there was increased attendance for this year’s homecoming than in the past and she hopes this trend will continue for the rest of the dances.

On the teacher perspective, Brenda Vanderzanden, the new leadership teacher, enjoyed her first homecoming here at YC. Her favorite events during homecoming were the dance and Brute Volleyball due to the spirit and interest by the students. In regards to what event went the best, she said that the dress-up days went well, contributing to the amount of participation from both students and staff. Although, much went well, she thought that the fact that it was her first homecoming to plan made it difficult. . She said, “…I didn’t really know what to expect, or how things had been done in the past.  I like to be on top of everything, and I felt a little lost at times.” She enjoyed working with the students in the leadership class to plan, although, she wishes that more students would help her plan.