Blade Runner 2049 Review


Ashton T. Livingston, entertainment editor

Thirty-five years after the release of the original cult classic the world is presented with its sequel, Blade Runner 2049. This film is set thirty years after the original and picks up with a new Blade Runner,Officer K, doing his job. Right away we get a sense that this movie is in the right hands with Denis Villenueve, who directed films like Arrival, Prisoners, and Sicario, the visuals Denis Villenueve’s setup are beautiful. Each shot its own masterpiece. The soundtrack filled the theater with its synth tones and booming sounds.

The actors in this film are all fantastic. Ryan Gosling gives one of his best performances since Drive, Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford (I mean really what else would you want?), Jared Leto is an ominous villain and actually does pretty good considering his last role in Suicide Squad, but Sylvia Hoeks steals the show with her menacing role, Luv. Luv is a reckless force willing to do anything and does not stop. Ryan Gosling is cold, calculating and quite the introvert. All performances in this movie are spot on and amazing with direction from Denis Villenueve. Villenueve has an amazing way of showing emotion and character through visuals and weather. He can make a scene that started off light hearted turn dark and morbid in a second yet make such a dramatic change feel natural. If you watch any of his films you’ll feel and see how spectacular his work is.

Here’s where I go on about the visuals of the movie. What a gorgeous film! The film’s run-time of 2 hours and 43 minutes gives you so much time to just admire it all and absorb what you’re seeing. The look of the original Blade Runner is still here but is also built upon with it being its own character. The pollution of this world makes a big change from the first to the second one and it adds so much to the mood. The set design of the film is immaculate and oh so elegant. There was a transition shot in this film that made me say aloud in the theater. “Wow.” So go see Blade Runner 2049


Okay this section covers the plot. The reason for this being in the spoiler section is because none of the plot was revealed in the trailers and I want those who haven’t seen it to be surprised and thrown onto a roller coaster. Officer K, being a replicant, faces a lot of discrimination which makes a very interesting commentary. A blade runner’s job of course is to ‘retire’ replicants so it creates a great dilemma for his character.  Replicants can also have implanted memories which leads the plot and keeps you guessing. Everything the plot does whether it be its slow pace, the visuals, or the characters actions is in service of the plot.

End of Spoilers

The film overall is nothing short of a masterpiece. From the visuals to the acting and story everything is on point. The direction of the film presented by Denis is so perfect, I swear that man is the next Spielberg or Kubrick. The film is just amazing I cannot say that enough. Blade Runner 2049 is rated R for violence, some sexuality, nudity and language. I give this film an A+. So what are you doing!? Go see it!