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Michelle Russell

The recent inductees to National Honors Society

Sydney Johnson, Op-ed editor, Op-ed editor

National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes student excellence, but not only for their grade point averages. NHS also keeps in mind their character, work ethic, and service.

Sophomore Alex Holliday, was inducted into the NHS organization this year.

“The steps I took to get into NHS, first I had to have a high grade point average, 4.0. Then I got letters of recommendation from teachers.”

Holliday’s favorite part about NHS is helping the community. As well as integrating with fellow scholars, and NHS members.

This organization was developed in 1921 and was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. NHS has held high expectations with its students and members ever since.

There is a rough estimate that there are over one million members.

NHS not only recognizes their members for the accomplishments and good deeds they have done, but pushes them to do better and better.

This year’s inductees are: Adelaide Robison, Alex Holliday, Alex Russell, Dana (Josie) Sibert, Gabby Chambers, Joseph McGhehey, Josie Wright, Kaitlyn Trollinger, Kjersti LeClair, Kyle Shipley, Marlee Roberts, McKenzie Berhorst, Nicole Armstrong, Owen Amerson, Paula Jung, Rebecca Whitchurch, Reilly Southard, Sadie Horne, Taylor Reimann, Tyler Stiff.