Hard luck kid Lindsie Barnett has found her way with the help of a four legged friend


Teens and Oregon Mustangs Photographer

Lindsie Barnett and Clancy

Alex Russell, Copy Editor

Sophomore Lindsie Barnett had found herself struggling all of freshman year, emotionally, socially, and academically. She was seen getting into the wrong crowd and surrounding herself with people that weren’t out for her best interest. She had been feeling unorganized and was getting into unwarranted trouble.


She was in a constant depressed state and it’s safe to say she was angry at the world. She had no cares about school.


At one point, Barnett’s family decided to send her to New Mexico to stay with her aunt. This change of scenery was an effort to help Lindsie.


The summer between her freshman and sophomore years Barnett found herself surrounded by dust, dirt, and four legged animals. From this moment on, she began her road to self worth, normalities, and success.


Flash forward to the winter of Barnett’s sophomore year; her grades are up,  she is happy with who she is, and has found a new best friend, Clancy.


Clancy is one year old wild mustang that Barnett had taken on to train for a 98 day challenge, Teens and Oregon Mustangs.


Through the process of training Clancy, Barnett learned valuable lessons about responsibility and communication. She also found herself surrounded by people who were looking out for her best interest and were keeping her out of trouble.   


Barnett and her buddy Clancy finish a staggering third place in the youth in-hand division of the competition! Although Clancy departure was sad, Barnett found the whole experience rewarding.