Wonder Woman Review


Ashton T. Livingston, Entertainment Editor

Strength, beauty, hope, and wonder. All things that make “Wonder Woman” a fantastic film. “Wonder Woman” takes the old superhero origin formula and breathes fresh life into it. Patty Jenkins, the director of this film (and “Monster”), brought something else to this movie. Her lack of experience doesn’t stop the film from being fresh and new. Diana, an Amazon born on themyscira, grows curious of the outside world when Steve Trevor crashes off the shore of themyscira. The Amazons learn of World War I and Diana leaves with Steve. The characters develop wonderfully throughout the film. Diana’s fish-out of water dynamic works so beautifully with her bringing her character to the beautiful Wonder Woman sense of righteousness. The side characters serve a part in the story by showing Diana the terrors of war.



The third act of the film is big, as always. Aries, the god of war, reveals himself after Diana kills the German general villian character and then they have a big explosive fight. There was a sequence before this when Diana killed the general. She mistook him for Aries thinking that it would stop the war. She looks around and the war is still happening. Steve tells her that maybe man isn’t always good. This could have been a perfect ending to the Aries character and a big thing for Diana’s character. But nope! Had to throw in the big budget CG fest! The third act of the film is possibly the weakest in action because it doesn’t feel as real as the rest with the hand to hand combat sequences and actual explosions. During this fight Steve sacrifices himself in a plane full of mustard gas that is heading to London and it is a strong and powerful end to such a great character.



I really enjoyed Wonder Woman, but I had little to few problems with it. Parts of the third act are possibly my only problem. I highly recommend to anyone to go see Wonder Woman. It’s a great superhero film with it being the first superhero film starring a woman. I hope many more films like this are to come. “Wonder Woman” is rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content. “Wonder Woman” gets a B.