Admin Teaches Students About the Gift of Giving


Gregory Nueman

Kate Gomes and Andrew Doran painting.

Ten years ago, at least 50% of our student body has devoted one full school day to helping out surrounding communities. Service day started in 2007, after a local flood in Vernonia. It has been going on ever since.

Service day 2017, was planned by instructional assistant Teresa Brey for the first time. She admires how much the school district has stepped up and helped out in other communities and with organizations throughout the years. “My favorite part of service day is when students come back realizing how good it makes them feel to help others. Helping others is like giving gifts at Christmas… it is so much more rewarding to give rather than to receive,” says Brey.  

Both Brey and principal, Greg Neuman, agree the hardest part about service day is coordination, with local organizations and students.

Neuman loves service day for many reasons; one of them being, it teaches the students how to give back others in our community and in communities around us. Service day also helps give the community a better, and more positive view of high schoolers. When asked about his favorite memory surrounding he said, “ when we let some students paint the walls in my office. There was definitely more paint on the floor and the trim then there was the actual walls.

Neuman also mentions the hardest part of service day is getting the students to engage and getting them to do it. What would make you want to do service day more?