What is the function of our ASB and what does ASB stand for?


Steven Davis, News Reporter, News Reporter

These common questions haunt the halls of YC when the time comes to elect new Associated Student Body staff. As stated by Jenna Schaljo, the ASB and leadership instructor as well as the high school art teacher, “Participating in student government gives students opportunities to both voice their own opinions and be a spokesperson for their peer‘s ideas. You get to be a part of making decisions that affect the school culture and climate.” The ASB officers regulate clubs, dances, assemblies, and other governing functions in our high school such as keeping tabs on the school treasury and representing their peers at student council meetings. With this in mind, there are a few students who run towards the opportunity and promise that is the ASB.

“Say no to drugs kids,” stated junior Dylan Hansen who ran for ASB President in his minute long speech at the ASB assembly. He was challenged by his fellow classmate Alysha Dobash, who brought up her legacy of short thumbs. “All throughout history those who make major changes have short thumbs.” She stated in her minute long speech, citing examples such as Abraham Lincoln and Beyonce. In a narrow feat, Hansen attained the title as president for the oncoming 2017-2018 term. This was the only office with more than one candidate running

Some positions have only one person running for office. As Junior Luke Sauers walks up to give his speech empowering music erupts. As the only candidate for ASB Vice President Sauers confidently addressed the Sophomores and the Freshman. “I will give it my best” states Sauers.

In some cases, candidates run for a assistant position that guarantees them the position as head in the term following their assistant term. When Marlee Roberts took the stage as a candidate for Assistant Treasurer she states, “I’ll talk about money with you anytime.” McKayla Sisneros, the candidate for ASB Treasurer, promised better communication between the school and it’s students. “Listen to make our school a better place” became the promise of Sisneros throughout her speech.

Candidate for ASB Assistant Secretary, Gabby Chambers, started her speech by citing her qualifications. As Editor in Chief of the school newspaper, to many, Chambers has obtained the title of Our Fearless Leader. “You can’t spell Gabby Chambers without YC” she concluded.

In some conditions, student who have already ran for ASB assistant positions don’t have to make a speech because they have already been ensured the job they ran for the previous year. That being said, this process makes what would’ve been a one year job into a  two year job. This takes the proper determination and work ethic. Junior Addie Robinson ran for Assistant Secretary the previous year and now has obtained the title of Secretary.

The final office that needed candidates was the role of Assistant and Head Activities Director. Sophomore Morgan DeHaven ran for the Assistant promised to make memorable experiences for everyone who wants to be involved and encourages school spirit for function such as the Homecoming school dance.

Dylan Whitmore, who ran for the Activities Director position, started off by stating that he had high expectations for his senior year. He then went on by stating that he has the proper experience running for ASB office. “I’ve run for office many times but failed all of those times” he stated. However, being the only person to run for the Activities director Head position he certainly did not fail this attempt. His goal as Activities Director is to bring back activities everyone loves. He believes his commitment to the cheerleading team and his community make him qualified to run as Activities Director.