Student Spotlight: Senior Juan Elias Luna

Britney Perry, Staff Reporter

Two months ago, taking pictures was new to senior Juan Elias, but a camera in his hands quickly became a good match and great results have come from it. His introduction to photography started in Mrs. McKinney’s photography class. “Juan has always liked art, but he is really excited about this form of art. He even went out and bought his own camera after practicing taking pictures on the school cameras.” said Mrs. McKinney. Typically when you see Juan, his camera is right by his side. This gives him the endless opportunity to capture the things that catch his eye and allow him to tell a story. Although Juan is developing his own style, he continues to be inspired and motivated by his photography class as a well-known photographer, Gunner Stahl. “I really enjoy his artwork, It’s so amazing.” For right now, photography is just a fun hobby that keeps him busy in this little town, but hopes  that it becomes something much more in the future.