Dr. Susan FitzGerald

Dr. Susan FitzGerald, plays an important role in our community and school as she upholds a position in our district school board. She holds a doctorate of education and a 35 year career in this profession. Dr. FitzGerald rooted her career in Hawaii.

She started off teaching grade school level education and furthered into getting her license of administration in Hawaii. She acquired her masters of education in professional development from Heritage College in Toponish Washington and obtained her doctorate from Argosy University in Seattle; with a life long dream of becoming an administrator and principal her dream was closer than ever!

Dr. FitzGerald is one of five people on the district school board. She felt as though she had the time and the knowledge to help make smart and positive decisions for our district. She was in the committee for the bond and worked hard alongside others to get the bond passed.

When interviewing Dr. FitzGerald she explained the roles of the school board, “So we each sit on one or two committees which means separately outside the district school board meetings. So, there’s the finance committee, facilities and transportation committee, curriculum committee, negotiations committee and policy committee. So, the finance committee is of course about the money and the money that is attached to the bond that we voted for. The finance committee makes sure that the monies are being spent correctly for salaries…”