Softball team leads Oregon West Conference


Gregory Neuman

The Tigers softball team standing together after winning their league.

Alexa Aki, Assistant Sports Editor


Yamhill Carlton’s softball team is currently ranked first in league with an 8-1 record and 14th in the 4A state classification. The season started off a little on the rough side, but once league came around it was almost like a different team according to the records on OSAA. Weather has had a very big effect on the season but they all have worked through it.

Seniors Matia Ellis and Brittnee Benson had said a few things about their softball careers and also this season, which is their last for high school softball.

Ellis as many people know is a two sport varsity athlete who is diabetic. During games she needs to not only be focused on the game but also her health.  She said “It doesn’t change very much, the only thing is trying to make sure my blood sugar is in range before I play.”

“I like my coaches, every coach I’ve had this year I have had a good bond with.” Being able to bond with the coaching staff is always very nice. All of the girls have been under the coaching of John  Kuehnel throughout their high school softball career, so they all know how he coaches and a majority of them really enjoy that.

“Softball is very successful so far this year, I am so proud to be playing with my team. Winning in general is huge for us, and we’ve been on a winning streak of 5-0 for league.” As their season continues they have the best record in the Oregon West Conference and are within the top 20 in 4A state. For YC, softball is by far one of the more competitive sports and have quite a competition in both league and non-league teams.  As of right now making the playoffs and being league champions looks bright in the girl’s future.

Ellis likes YC sports because everyone knows each other and they are able to bond no matter what clique each person is in. In a lot of sports teams you see that a majority of them are good friends and those who aren’t in the close friend groups get closer once the season hits.

Benson when asked what positions she plays responded with, “I play catcher and right field”. The biggest struggle through her softball career is being mentally prepared for the tougher teams the Tigers softball team plays. Six of the 13 schools ahead of them are the teams that they had a loss to. Some of the teams who are ahead of the Tigers have won just a game or two more.

After being asked how have you overcome any setbacks Benson said, “A lot of practice and visualization, it’s where you think about what you are going to do in plays and you also think that you are going to do good as you visualize every step of the game.”

She thinks that the coaching staff is really well put together because John pushes them to do their best and this year he has been a lot more enjoyable. He has also been working with the batting a lot more because they really needed that as it was one of their weaker skills last season.

As of the beginning of May the Tigers softball team has a record of 13-9 overall, and a 10-2 record in league, which puts them one game ahead of Newport high school in league standings as the top seeded team in the Oregon West Conference.