“Biking” – Frank Ocean ft. Tyler, the Creator and Jay-Z (warning explicit lyrics)

“Biking” - Frank Ocean ft. Tyler, the Creator and Jay-Z (warning explicit lyrics)

Ian Harlow, Entertainment Editor

     Frank Ocean, an artist on the same scale as Beyonce but who remained so secretive. After releasing his Grammy award winning debut album Channel Orange took a four year hiatus of silence. After 2016 saw the release of the visual album Endless, Ocean got out of his deal with Def Jam Records and was able to release his second studio album blond(e) a day later on his own independent label boysdontcry.  After two album releases the public believed that Frank would go missing again for at least another four years but by surprise, 2017 has been a huge year for Mr. Ocean. Featuring on a Calvin Harris song “Slide” along with Migos and releasing singles “Chanel” and most recently “Biking” on his beats one radio show Blonded radio. “Biking” starts with Jay-Z dropping several bike references over a piano with his vocals sounding intentionally low quality, but as soon as his verse ends the beat switches from these keys to a very bright and blissful guitar fuelled instrumental. Frank is as good a rapper as singer and his verses feel nostalgic as ever while he seems to be a bit more relaxed having fun. A little after the three minute mark another beat switch and Tyler comes on the track so extremely smooth, dropping lines about his bike and even references his 2013 song “Slater” (the name of his bike) off of his Wolf album. But where this song catches most by surprise is the end. The last 30 seconds of the song Frank starts chanting and screaming like he hasn’t ever on any previous tracks and you can’t help but lose control and jump around while you scream with him. It seems Frank Ocean is having fun making the music he wants to make without the restrictions of labels breathing down his neck and pressuring him. I am personally quite fond of an independent Frank Ocean, we can only pray he blesses us with another full length soon. – Ian Harlow


Quotable lyrics:

“E.T. on the handles, uh handlebars like a xanax, shamgod with the AND1 moves”


“I’m cold where the temperatures dip below 70’s, how can I be burr around L.A. coast? The diamonds is plural the tiffany brooch on my lapel at the table i’m giving a toast”


“Think I want me a lil’ one that look like my clone, me and my baby can’t do on our own”


“My accolades hang from my neck, pedal i drown in the heat, my sapphires drown in my sweat”
“I rose my rate, brand new breaks, why i name it slater? Ask my date”