Yamhill-Carlton OHSET



Bailey Reese, First year Journalism student

Yamhill Carlton High School is a small town school, almost all of the kids are from, or familiar with, the country. One thing that is known in the country is horses, a loving, supporting animal that you can ride and show.

There is a sport just for teens and their horses called Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET). You would think that YCHS would have an OHSET team, but they didn’t. They did about five or six years ago, then the coach’s daughter graduated and there was no longer anyone interested in running OHSET for YC.

Then at the start of the school year myself, a sophomore Navaeh O’Conner, and two foreign exchange students wanted to join OHSET. We ended up joining the McMinnville OHSET team. The two exchange students ended up not doing OHSET, so it was just O’Connor and I.

After a few practices Laura Reese started looking into OHSET. “It would be nice for YC to have their own OHSET team,” she said. So, Reese talked to Cassy-Lou Miller, who was O’Conners Aunt, and they are going to try and start a team just for YC.

After talking to vice principal Scott Henderson, and athletic secretary Mindy Senn it is possible for Reese and Miller to start a YC OHSET team. “I think it is great that YC is trying to get their own OHSET team,” Henderson said, “I don’t remember the last time YC has had an OHSET team,” Senn said. 

YC has had a good year so far, it is a little hard with just two girls on the team. “It’s nice, but at the same time looking at the other teams, it would be nice to have more girls,” O’Conner said. Yes, YC technically is part of Mcminnville, but it would be nice to say we are part of the Yamhill-Carlton OHSET team.

We are not the only team trying to get our own team. Amity High School has six girls on their team and they still team up with YC and Mac. “It’s nice meeting girls from other teams, but it would be nicer to say we have our own team,” Layla Osborn, one of the Amity girls, said.

Right now I know two 8th graders, two freshmen, and one girl from Amity who is moving to YC that are planning to be on the Yamhill-Carlton OHSET team next year. O’Conner said to tell the future girls “Be respectful, and thankful” That means we will have our own team, and there will be way more people next year. That will make YC OHSET more recognised.

With a lot of researching, asking questions, fundraising, and contacting people YC is going to have their very own OHSET team next year. This year I made it to state, and now YC will be recognized at state, but next year as their own team.

If you are a horse person, and in high school, join Yamhill-Carlton OHSET!