New Movies, and a Interview with Miss Kidd

Colby Kershaw, First Year Journalism Student

The Beatles: Get Back (TV Mini Series 2021– ) - IMDb

(Photo provided by IMDB)

As the year of 2021 comes closer to an end new movie trailers are coming out left and right. Some of the new trailers out right now are “Halloween kills”,” Dune”, “Home alone: home sweet home”, and “Beatles: Get back” and many more on the way. We sat down with a local movie buff about the new movies and what she had to say about them.

Bobbi Kidd, a well known and beloved teacher at the middle school and got her thoughts on the movies. Perfect for the season, she is hyped about seeing the new Halloween kills. “I’m excited to see Michael Myers back in action again”

Miss Kidd is not only a movie buff but a huge fan of the “Beatles”. She has already seen other Beatles documentaries; she has even visited Liverpool, the home of the Beatles and got a tour all around. About hearing the new Beatles movie, she is super excited to watch it when it comes out on Disney plus on November 25th. 

“Beatles: Get back” is a showing of old footage of the Beatles that has not been shown to the public of the Beatles working on their album “let it be”. The footage shows how the Beatles worked together and played their music. This look into the past shows us a time where all the Beatles were big and in their prime.

“As a Beatles fan I think I’m gonna love it” said Kidd while being asked about the new movie. This time capsule of footage is gonna be worldwide Nov. 25th. Lastly the next movie worth considering seeing is “Dune”