How Is School Going For You?


Tessa Paxton, First Year Journalism Student

Charlie Pratt, freshman
Ezra King, junior
Terry Hanson, sophomore

Charlie Pratt- Freshman

Charlie Pratt was telling me about how her school year has been for the first couple months. She talks about how it’s been decent and kind of slow.

“I struggle with getting to class on time a lot,” Pratt says. 

We continued to talk about some of the struggles with school, like her opinion on the mask mandate. Pratt continued to say “ I can’t breathe when I wear my mask. If I change one thing it would be to make masks go away.”

Although there are struggles with school Pratt tells me about how she loves the football games. She goes to support YC, and cheer them on!


Terry Hanson- Sophomore 

“I really like seeing my friends at school,” Terry Hanson said when we talked about the more positive things about school. He says that it is better than how it used to be. But when I asked Hanson about how the school year was going for him, he stated “not going too well”.

He disagrees with how rough the teachers are on the students. I asked him what he would change about our school, he talked about how everyone would have a better attitude, teachers would be more relaxed and flexible, and longer lunches. “That way I have more time to eat and socialize with friends, It takes me a while to get ready for lunch”. 


Ezra King- Junior 

Ezra King said his school year is starting off good. “ Seeing friends in person is way better than seeing them online over zoom,” King told me.

He goes on to tell me about how everyone doesn’t seem as bored when we have to go to school V.S doing online. “I do wish we didn’t have to wear masks all day. They hurt my face,” King said after a full rant about how we shouldn’t wear masks.

He goes on to say he struggles with homework because it’s harder to focus. But lastly, King talked about how much better schooling is when it’s in-person.