Annual Mothers Day Plant Sale


Lajla Raske

The plant sale is a fundraiser for the AG program.

Adelle Petraitis, Feature Editor

The annual Mothers Day plant sale went off without a hitch this year. Raising about $4,000 for the Ag program.

The plant sale happens the weekend of Mothers Day, selling plants to the community as a fundraiser.

The proceeds of the sale goes back into the greenhouse.

“We have a separate account that goes specifically for the greenhouse, and then that money goes back into the account which then we use to purchase plants, soil, containers, and everything that goes into making the greenhouse successful,” teacher, Jared Collins said.

Collins has been running the plant sale for three years now. When Collins was hired here at YC, the greenhouse was built and the plant sale has been out of the greenhouse ever since.

The students are very involved in the plant sale, helping with pre-orders and maintenance of the plants.

“I helped a little bit last year but because of COVID everything kinda got shut down. This year I was a little heavily involved in it and got to learn a lot more,” sophomore Briley Ingram said.

“The students in my classroom do a lot of the management of the plants…some of the students put all the pre-orders together which was a pretty big undertaking of going back through the google forms, making the pre-order, and setting all that aside just to make the whole sale happen more efficiently,” Collins said.

The greenhouse sale took place in the greenhouse which is at the end of Hemlock Street in Yamhill.

“This year we did pre-orders and that minimized the time spent in the greenhouse because it’s pretty close quarters. The pre-order form made everything run more efficiently,” Collins said.

This year the dahlias, African daisies, and fuchsias went really quick and were the most popular plants.