Senior Spotlight: LaVon Weigant


Provided by: LaVon Weigant

LaVon Weigant class of 2021

Jesse Weigant, Staff Writer

Senior LaVon Weigant is a very helpful and agreeable person. She may not be a top class student or someone that’s going into college. But Weigant has done a lot in her high school career and we will be diving into some of those things in this article.

“Little bit of good, a little bit of bad, but that’s how we expect it to be, ” Weigant said in response to how her high school days were. Weigant believes that you can’t go through high school without dealing with some sort of trouble here and there, but that’s good, that’s what helps you develop as a person.

While in high school people are still developing into functional living adults, but when those bad things happen teens are going to need someone to support them and help them through those times. “Mostly my close friends,” Weigant said in response to that question.

What will this person do after high school you might ask yourself. “I’m still thinking about it. I don’t have a whole lot planned out but that’s just me. I’m taking the summer to work as a nanny but after that it just depends. I would like to work for an outdoor school but other than that I’m thinking of going to the air force,” she said. 

In summary her plans are working as a nanny, hopefully working for outdoor school but if not, then thinking of going to the air force. With these three things in her future she has the first little bit of her outside of high school life planned out.

“I’d have to talk to some of the staff members I’ve known for a long time about how I can apply for that kind of job,” Weigant says in response to how she would get a job as an outdoor school staff member. In the past Weigant has volunteered as an outdoor school staff member/helper. With this experience it will make it easier for her to be able to talk with the people she’s met and worked with before.

Weigant did play two sports but only hanging on with one as a senior. Those sports were basketball and volleyball. “Some of my favorite classes throughout high school were probably art related and I loved building a team in volleyball. Everyone on that team definitely holds a special place in my heart, and the community in the school is really nice because everyone is close together,” she says.

With her high school career ending we would all like to give a happy but sad goodbye to a friendly and helping student LaVon Weigant.