Sexism in the Gaming Industry/Community


Nihachu is a female streamer that has a lot of female fans and she tries her best to make them feel safe when watching her.

Onyx Barnhill, Staff Writer

Gaming has become very big in the last few years. It seems like something people can’t get away from whether they’re on social media or just having a conversation. It seems like gaming is becoming more and more common. Even teens and kids in school start small streaming accounts just for fun and to broadcast their gaming skills to an audience whether it’s one person or multiple.

One thing that is prominent in the community and the industry of gaming though is sexism. Women are constantly being put into the spotlight for the reasons they shouldn’t be. Even some female content creators that have blown up recently experience things that have happened to other female creators in the past.

Youtuber and Twitch streamer Hannahxxrose is a female content creator who was, and has been, getting hate for things she can’t control. She streams on the platform twitch and in previous streams she’s stated that she has to monitor her live chat pretty closely and has moderators always watching to make sure rude and inappropriate things don’t slip through. Most of the things being said are sexist things.

Female streamer Niachu went on a live stream with other fellow female streamers and she had something to say about all of the horrible messages and things she sees about herself online, and what she thinks her female fans have to go through.

“Imagine you’re daughter, you’re young daughter, she watches streamers she watches all these people right? Imagine that she sees Niachu, ‘oh it’s a girl, that’s awesome I’m a girl.’ imagine she goes in my chat and she sees these disgusting messages, there are two things that can happen.

She’s super uncomfortable and doesn’t know what’s going on. Or she thinks that’s normal. Imagine she sees these and she thinks that’s normal. It’s normal for a girl to be treated like that. It’s normal for a girl to constantly get comments on her body and her appearance. It’s normal for people to go into your chat and sexualize them.”

Female streamer Niachu goes on to say that it is not normal and goes into deeper details about how it needs to be stopped and that being in the gaming industry is one of the most toxic places a girl can go.

A content creator In one of his lives he stated “Teenage girls have nothing they can be interested in without being mocked.” Wilbur Soot, a male musician and online content creator said.
He continued to have a conversation about this with another twitch streamer known as Ph1lza. The fact a male content creator had to say something to get it across to the audience is what is bothering because female creators have been saying this for years.

Now that he’s said it though it’s being shared and people are understanding the issues within the gaming community. It’s not just the creators being hated on, it’s also the fans.
If a male content creator or even a female one has female fans or a majority of a female fanbase then those fans are constantly getting backhanded comments about how they look stupid or are ridiculous for liking something that is supposedly meant for boys. Which just isn’t true.