Star Wars: The Bad Batch – A Worthy Successor to the Clone Wars


Here we see all of the members of the Bad Batch in a cloning facility on Kamino. Featured from left to right are Crosshair, Echo, Hunter, Echo, Omega, and Wrecker.

Nolan Chadwick, Entertainment Editor

– Warning: Contains Mild Spoilers For Episode One Of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” –

On May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, Disney+ launched their newest show from a galaxy far, far away, “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”. The series follows the story of Clone Force 99, a group of defective clones who were previously featured in an arc in the Clone Wars TV show. 

 Cayden Hill, a freshman and long time Star Wars fan, Enjoyed watching the Previous Star Wars the Clone Wars Show, and is pleased with the new show so far.

 “I have finished watching (the Clone Wars) several times. It went into deeper detail about what happened between the movies 2 and 3,” said Hill.

Like it’s predecessors, “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”

is made entirely with Computer Generated Images (CGI). Also like it’s predecessors it shares a lot of the same characters, as well as voice actors.

For instance Dee Bradley Baker returns to voice all the clone troopers.

Here are a few members of the Bad Batch, or Clone force 99, taking place in one of the final assaults against the separatists before the Chancellor issues Order 66. (Nolan Chadwick)

The main characters, Hunter, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, and Echo start the pilot episode on a mission to help a group of jedi take out some separatist droid forces. However, during the mission, the Supreme Chancellor, who we know better as the Emperor executes order 66, the order given to the order to kill the jedi.

Because of their special mutations and enhancements, they are unaffected by the order and fail to kill the young padawan Caleb Dume, who we know as Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels. 

Kristan Watson, High School Math teacher, feels like Star Wars, with all of  the movies and TV shows, is starting to die off.

“I remember watching them when I was a kid and I remember… 1, 2 and 3, and seeing all of those in theaters,” said Watson. But while animated shows like the Clone Wars and Rebels are nice for younger fans of Star Wars, by the time they came out, kids shows were no longer an interest for her. She does however like a lot of the new live action shows that are being made like the Mandalorian, and Kenobi.

When they return to the newly formed Galactic Empire, they are tested by Grand Moff Tarkin, and sent to deal with a group of insurgents. But when those insurgents turn out to be a group of rebels, including Saw Gerrera, trying to transport some innocent people offworld, the Bad Batch cannot follow through.

When they are captured by the empire and put in prison, Crosshair is forced to leave the rest of the crew for the empire. When the clones eventually break out, another young clone defect, a female clone named Omega, joins their ranks.

Hill feels like the show could really head in any direction from here. “Everyone will miss the Jedi factor (that the clone wars had), but I think there are going to be some parts that surprise people. If my theory I have is right as of now, I think there might be an upcoming jedi…I think one of the defective clones, Omega, I think she’s got the force.”

While Omega may or may not become a Jedi, she is undoubtedly going to be a very important character, because the second and third episodes spend a lot of time letting us get to know the character. And with Omega, and the interesting cast of characters, and the story of that pre to beginning of the Empire area to be explored, the show should have quite a lot in store.

“(Star Wars) was so iconic for it’s time,” said Watson, “and I think that is what originally got me, and looking back at… all the stuff they had to do to create this world that was just so different. It has just kind of expanded from there and become such a big thing.”

And that is just what is happening with the entire Star Wars universe. 

New Episodes of the Bad Batch stream every Friday on Disney+.