A Bright Student Ventures Into A Bright Future


Provided by: Allie Amerson

Allie Amerson enjoys sports and 4H and plans on attending medical school after high school.

Lucia Robison, Staff Reporter

As a senior Allie Amerson has a lot on her plate. She has a busy schedule participating in sports, academics and leadership. Although Amerson seems to have more than enough to do, she also is involved with 4H and shows cows and pigs.

“I also show cows and pigs. And throughout Covid I actually artificially inseminated my pig for the first time and it was successful; she had nine baby piglets.”  

Although summer is usually a time to forget about school, Amerson will be preparing to move to New Hampshire. She will be attending an Ivy League school, Dartmouth, and she plans on majoring in biology on the pre med track. Then she will eventually go to med school. 

After 4 years of med school and her undergrad, which is a total of 8 years, Amerson will hopefully match with a surgical residency. She will then be on her way to becoming a surgeon, which is another 5 years of residency. 

“So a lot of school.” Amerson says. 

Amerson also has a lot of passions including her 4H animal showing and being in sports. She has participated in 4H since 4th grade. 

Staying busy for Amerson is easy since she is involved with sports while also doing a lot for her two leadership classes like planning student body events.  

“I play soccer and run track” Amerson says. But weightlifting is the subject she is most intrigued by. “I do a lot of weight lifting and that’s probably my biggest passion.” 

One of the more positive occurrences during long distance learning was when Amerson got a new puppy. 

However, even though Amerson is very successful at her academics she struggled with the new CDL conditions. Her overall view on CDL was negative but she did say she enjoyed herself more because she had more time to do things. 

“I absolutely hated it. It enabled me to lose focus. It didn’t feel real.” 

She also talked about how classes online were not challenging enough like they used to be. And not being able to participate in sports saddened Amerson because sports were always such a big part of her life. 

“Nothing was challenging at all.”

“When I couldn’t lift and when I couldn’t play soccer and run track I was just lost for awhile.”

But things turned around when Amerson’s older brother came home from college. Since all schools are online he was able to come home and do school from there. Amerson and her brother took it upon themselves to sign up for a weightlifting program which they both enjoyed. 

Also when sports came back that made Amerson feel even better mentally. 

“As far as mental and emotional health for me, it was depleted for a while.” 

Amerson is ending her high school career as a model student. She has spent much of her time being productive; involved in school and the community. As a prospective surgeon Amerson will continue having a positive impact.