YCHS Wrestling to State

Jasmine Hudnall, Staff Reporter

This season, 6 Yamhill Carlton high school wrestlers made it to state, Jakob Jarvis, Ashton Tindall, Ethan Tindall, Mason Dailey, Jaime Garcia, and Dylan McInnis. 

Student Reily Liesgang, a Junior, was expected to go to state, but did not make it. Liesgang said, “[ I was] disappointed but since I am a Junior I know I have another year and I went last year and the year before.” 

Liesgang has been in wrestling for about 12 years all together. He says that his parents inspired him to start, when he was little. 

 He sees his team as a ‘family’ and that they are all like brothers. His goal for next year is to get ‘State Title’ with his teammate Mason Dailey.

Mason Dailey, a Junior, went to state, something Dailey said was “you get what you put into the sport.” He said his inspiration was his parents. At first he didn’t like the sport but he soon gained a liking for it.

 He also said, “it’s a very unique sport and it sets you apart athletically from other people.” Dailey has been wrestling for about 9 years all together.

Nonamaker takes his wrestling very serious. He looks at it as a business trip.

He said, “If it’s a wrestler that’s supposed to win, I will look at it as a business trip, we’re supposed to take care of business, and we will take care of business.” We can tell Nonamaker has high hopes for his wrestlers. Nonamaker says, he still gets nervous for the kids, and some matches still give him butterflies.

 He has been teaching at Yamhill Carlton for 5 years, as far as coaching in general for about 8-10 years.