All Together


Picture By: Lajla Raske

Claudia McAbee, Staff Reporter

This season JV boys basketball is going strong with their wins, even though they are having a hard time finding people and playing time for everyone. They are having to swing people down so the JV can have games. 

Because they don’t have enough players for an actual full  JV team, they are having varsity players swing down. Sophomore Luke Brewer says, “We have had a couple of varsity players drop down to play JV because we don’t really have a full set of JV players.” 

Having players swing down is difficult and they struggle with finding enough players that won’t be needed for all of the varsity games. Brewer also said, “We struggle at rebounding and playing time because you can only 5 qauters a night so they have to kinda guess how many the varsity coach needs”

The JV team has scoring average of 60 points per game. According to a Quinten Ramsey, a junior who swings down to JV from varsity, the season is going great and he says that they have a good bond. “I think that this season is going very well, this team has a very good chemistry at all levels like other teams.” 

With how strong their bond is, they stay as a team even when things aren’t working out. Ramsey has added, “We have seen when things are going wrong (other teams) they start to turn on each other and our team when things start to go wrong we work harder as a team so we can compete with these other teams.” 

Other than the team struggling with not having enough players on the court, their biggest competition is Amity. Ramsey says, “So far with this season I think our biggest competition is Amity because last year they would blow us out and would make comments about how we were so bad and how we were never be good.”