A supportive, bonding, and well-working team


Picture By: Lajla Raske

Lajla Raske, News Editor

YC’s girls JV basketball team won four league games so far, keeping a good league game winning streak. So far this season, the JV team has won 3 of 3 league games, giving themselves a good score. The team hopes to continue with this good score as they finish the season.

Sophomore Kati Slater who has played basketball for about seven years, talks about her experience with the team. 

“I really enjoy the girls and they’re really fun to play with. We are all very good friends with each other. It makes it easy to play together when no one fights.” 

Like Slater, Freshman Halle Kerr likes how the team works well together. She has been playing basketball for six years. 

“My favorite thing about being on my team is how competitive we all are and how we are always bettering ourselves. Going into summer, most of the girls played on the summer or spring basketball team and we went to OSU for a week-long camp.” Kerr says, “We got really close that week. We started to understand each other better and really improved as a whole [team] that week. I think being on that trip where we all had the same goal, (which was to get better) really helped us get closer.”

As Kerr explains, the team has had a chance to bond well together and it has really helped their ability to work together along with their competitive traits. As the team works well together, they hope to continue with the goal of achieving in basketball, better their basketball skills, led by their JV coach Reid Tramelli.

A My goal for the JV team this year is to improve on our fundamentals and overall knowledge of the game all while having a good time. Our girls are eager to learn and have been a joy to be around in my first year coaching at YC.” Tramelli says, “[The players] have several bonding activities throughout the season such as weekly team dinners, secret santas and even a holiday cookie party. Most of these girls have been playing basketball together for several years, so they do a really nice job of working together and making the new girls feel welcome.” 

As Tramelli explained, the JV players have lots of good connections with each other and really work well together. Sophomore Taylor Evans who has also been playing basketball for seven years talks about being on the team.

“My favorite thing about being on the team is enjoying the game I love, with some of my close friends. Having good attitudes towards each other makes a great team! We do a lot of fun competitions and activities in and out of practice.” 

Evans also explains that the team has a lot of fun bonding through activities such as a baking competition. YC’s JV girls team works very well together and as Freshman Kaylee Williams, who plays on the team explains, There is a lot of energy, support, and through things such as team dinners and practicing as a whole, it naturally brings the team together.