The Inevitable Stress of Finals


Lela McInnis, Staff Writer

For Yamhill-Carlton High School, finals are right around the corner. 


Many students stress over their final tests, given they make up a large portion of your end grade. 


How do students at YCHS handle their stress and get ready for finals? 


When Freshman Tana Ashby gets stressed about tests Ashby said, “I just take a break and think about other things then when I calm down I go back to what I was doing.”


To get ready for finals sophomore Kaydence Vertner said, “To be honest I do things that help me destress, because if I’m too stressed out I can’t study. (Read, hang with friends, and good music) But what I do for all the tests is study like crazy, and makes myself notes that will help.”


Senior Julie Easton said, “Kind of like self-care… face masks, keep up on previous homework,  try to plan the whole week ahead so there’s no surprises nothing extra that I don’t know about on top finals. I study when I have to and usually right before bed the nights leading up to said final. Flashcards tend to work the best and I hate doing it alone.”


The website Skills You Need provides a guide on what to do when feeling stressed. Here are a few of their suggestions; 

  1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine
  2. Indulge in Physical Activity
  3. Get More Sleep
  4. Try Relaxation Techniques
  5. Talk to Someone

Relieving stress can make the test day go a lot smoother. The best thing to do is to figure out what works for you to reduce stress. A person cannot focus when there are other things on their mind.